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Melodic Revolution Records has partnered with .113FM as our hosting company to bring you a New Radio Station simply called Melodic Revolution Radio, its sole purpose is to promote the best classic new and upcoming music by Melodic Revolution Records Recording Artist while also streaming music by local, national and international talent 24/7.

What you will hear:
Release by Melodic Revolution Records such as Darrel Trece-Birch, Marco Ragni, Echoes Landing, Scarlet Hollow, Amadeus Awad, Odin’s Court, Forever Twelve, Wings of Destiny, Stratospheerius, Darusso, Joe Mac’s American Garage, Nth Ascension, Thoughts Factory, Insites, Luigi Milanese and more, and we will be mixing it up with some of the biggest names in music today like Marillion, Evership, The Dear Hunter, Thank you Scientist, Haken, The Flower Kings, Dark Horse Flyer, Damian Wilson, Simo, and more.

Also in the works live shows and interviews.

Our streaming radio apps for iPhone and Android smartphones are being designed by Nobex Technologies who has designed the beautifully informative and functional 113FM app which will be available for free in the Google Play and iTunes App stores.

You will be able to listen at home in the office or on the run via the app, iTunes and TuneIn we will deliver our music in 100% pure digital, HD audio content, worldwide.